Lime Stucco | Sustainable | Lime Strawbale Stucco

Project; To give a final weathering lime plaster coat to a 3 coat clay plaster system, over straw bale.

Project Location; Strawbale project,Up in the mountains near Nelson, British columbia

Description; On this job the walls were covered in various clay plaster mixes, from scratch through to a finish coat. Due to climatic differences netween here in Ontario and British columbia, we were able to use a blend of different aggregates and a lime putty binder. In keeping with the clients requests for a finish that would blend in with the snow, one of the aggregates selected was a white silica sand type which gave a shimmer to the wall. The beauty of working on these particular structures is that most of the time they have very flowing characteristics, curves, bent timbers etc, so are very similar in wall design to old devon cottages back home. The walls on this project were steel trowel finished with a slight burnish with appropriate floats.