Lime Stucco | New build | Durisol | Float finish

All Durisol blocks are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that has only natural ingredients. ICF is composed of specially graded recycled waste wood (100% clean, natural softwood lumber). This wood is first chipped into wood fibre . It is then mineralized and bonded together with Portland cement. This Durisol material is then molded into the many shapes that comprise our full range of cement-bonded wood fiber reinforced ICF concrete forms.

On this particular project we worked closely with Ecoinhabit with some great results!

Durisol cement-bonded wood fiber insulated concrete forms are porous, lightweight and very durable. Durisol does not rot nor decay. The insulated concrete forms are also vermin, termite and insect proof and will not support fungus growth. Durisol ICF forms are environmentally safe, do not contain nor emit any toxic elements, and are fully recyclable. Durisol block contains no plastic, foams or polystyrenes.

Durisol wood concrete insulated forms are truly a green and healthy product. These environmentally friendly ICF forms use 80 % recycled material; softwood aggregates, by-products of the lumber industry. While diverting material from the waste stream, Durisol are careful not to use post-consumer waste or recycled demolition materials. This ensures that Durisol only use the highest quality materials with no potential for incorporating toxic or other unhealthy ingredients from a questionable wood supply.

Lime stucco is a great material to use over the Durisol blocks and with our special blend and reinforcement process we find great results everytime.