“You are only as good as your last job”

“You are only as good as your last job”.

This is the attitude that Arthur P. Butler takes when approaching his work. As a fellow tradesperson and Professional Member and Artisan of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (www.classicist.org), Arthur brings a great deal of talent, enthusiasm and dedication to the Historical Painting trade.

Born in Ireland, Arthur Butler was an apprentice to his father. The two worked side-by-side for 23 years. While they did all manner of work associated with the painting trade, Arthur’s first love was the enhancing of ornate details in a home.

Arthur moved to Canada in 1996. His work is a step out of the ordinary as it turns wall panels, cornice mouldings and centerpieces into pieces of art on his clients’ ceilings. He gathers inspiration from any source-- be it fabric from window curtains, furniture upholstery, carpet or fine china.

“I enjoy the look on a clients face when they see how their ceiling comes alive with colour. I paint in the style of Architect Robert Adam (1728–1792) to help create an ornate and traditional mood within a room I listen to classical music and opera while working.’, says Arthur.

Arthur Butler’s work is custom to each client and is not repeated. As a true Artisan, similar moulding styles may be used however they will receive a different treatment, creating a unique and equally beautiful look each time.

If you are in search for that interesting and unique detail in your home, a piece that speaks to your individuality and pays homage to an artistic trade of yesteryear, please visit Arthur P. Butler’s website and contact him for more details.

Telephone 905 – 574 – 3925