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A bit of a shine to a custom Lime Plaster fireplace.......

Exterior Lime Stucco Ontario Canada

As we start to move into the spring months the company starts to ready itself for two exterior stucco projects coming up in south western Ontraio. One system a stippled finish over 2 coats of Lime stucco we applied at the end of last year, will be applied around the end of may time. Following this, the other an ashlar type which for those of you who dont know is a block or dressed stone finish carved into a Lime stucco will be applied.

New Forums!

The Lime Plaster Company has added two new forums to our website to improve the understanding of these traditional materials and practices. We are hoping that through discussion, a good base knowledge and understanding of some aspects of lime and clay plastering will be generated.

A fireplace facelift.......

So we recently received a request from a home owner to come and take a look at their tired old fireplace and give them a few options on how we can make it look more appealing. After taking a look at the fireplace and bouncing around with a few ideas with the client, a decision was made to do away with the brick look and give an altogether different finish.

Great quote......

Where can we find greater structural clarity than in the wooden buildings of the old. Where else can we find such unity of material, construction and form? Here the wisdom of whole generations is stored. What feelings for material and what power of expression there is in these buildings! What warmth and beauty they have! They seem to be echoes of old songs.

 Ludwig Miles van derRoche quote                              

Heritage Restoration project at Dundurn Castle, Hamilton ON. Entry 3

A step back in time.......

Heritage Restoration project at Dundurn Castle, Hamilton ON. Entry 2

As the heritage building restoration project moves along and we have removed as much of the failed original plaster as we need to, There have been a few interesting things uncovered along the way. Certain areas have exposed previous changes in the structure of the building which obviously cannot be seen when the plaster is in place.

Yoga Studio - American Clay Enjarre Application (a few progress pic's)

(A few new pictures showing some of the walls as project moves closer to it's completion!).

As a point of interest we have linked to the 'in progress' photo's on Chrysalis yoga's facebook page, so you can see how they are doing and check out some other materials used on the project.

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