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The Clay just keeps on growing...

 Its great to see the interest in Green and Sustainable Building products on the market growing all the time. As the months get cooler we see ourselves at The Lime Plaster Co moving onto two more exciting American Clay custom home projects, keep an eye out for some of our progress pics...  We have been applying this stuff for over 5 years now and every year the increase in awareness and popularity is growing.

News article on our last Ashlar installation in Paris...

If you have a moment take a few minutes to read through this great little write up we found recently in regards to our last Ashlar project. The Lime Plaster Company would like to take this opportunity to thank the author for the exposure, hopefully this will help to bring us all a little closer to understanding why the Built Heritage of this country and the traditions surrounding its construction are so important.
Sustainable Heritage

A Touch of Class...2

As an addition to our recent blog 'A touch of class', check out Kyle Holzhueter's blog for some great pictures and details of the work that was done at Harvest Haven in Alberta where we spent the first couple weeks in August. Kyle is a straw bale builder, translator, traveller and good friend, enjoy.

A Touch of Class...

I was recently asked to take a trip to Alberta to give a few lessons on the application of some European style, exterior Lime Stucco finishes. The project itself is nestled on a small 80 acre sustainable farm just outside Leftbridge, Alberta named Harvest Haven.

Rammed Earth in Paris 'The Stucco Finale'

So to keep you guys up to date the final Lime Stucco coat is now up and everything is curing nicely. The next step on this Lime Plaster restoration project is a good coat of Lime Paint with a colour that the client is in the process of choosing. A limewash can give a very unique finish look to a project, one of the main reasons being that the lime binder itself within the paint will defract light twice give varying dimensions and depth to the surface.

Rammed Earth in Paris (the next step)...

Rammed Earth continued.....

Rammed Earth Structures in Ontario

A few months have passed since my last visit to Paris, Ontario, but this week our Company began our latest project there. The town itself is a beautiful little place and if you have not been there already, it is well worth the visit! The scope of work for this particular project is to firstly remove (where necessary) the failed areas of the original Lime Stucco coating and to then replace with new.

We are now offering 'American clay Training'

As Certified American Clay Instructors, we now provide services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario and Canada wide.

Now Offering Ornamental Plasterwork

The Lime Plaster Co. is excited to announce that we are now offering Ornamental Plaster Services. As we continue to increase our heritage plaster restoration practices in Canada, we felt it important to be able to cover the ornamental side of the plaster trade as well. We now offer the restoration of all types of ornamental plasterwork from crown mouldings to medallions & cornices.

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