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Heritage Restoration project at Dundurn Castle, Hamilton ON. Entry 1

Recently The Lime Plaster Co. began the process of restoring the plastered ceilings and walls of the front hall at Dundurn Castle, a Canadian national historic site. Unfortunately, the original lath and plaster system in this area has been interrupted over the years with the addition of a sprinkler system, the moving of the chimney breast, various repairs, etc. What this amounts to is a collection of different materials, all with different expansion rates on different substrates...needless to say, this makes things a little interesting!


Historic Site Conservation here...and across the Pond

In a recent trip to London, England, owner of the Lime Plaster Co., Ben Scott took a trip to the Tower of London. As we take such great interest in the use of traditional materials and techniques at the Lime Plaster Co., Ben had the opportunity to get some great insider knowledge into the restoration of this impressive site.


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