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Love it or list it - Ornamental plasterwork

Recently we were asked by the ' love it or list it ' team, to carry out some rather tricky ornamental plaster work, in a house in Toronto. Of course we were very excited about the opportunity and the chance to show just a small amount of the work we actually do. At this point we have been asked not to upload any photos from the installation, understandably because this particular episode does not air until January sometime. However, in the meantime we can talk a little about what we did.

American clay workshops for home owners and the trades.

Last year we started to spread the word about 'American clay's' through education and our own projects. The response has been great and with four workshops under our belts we are looking forward to many more. We are now teaching home owners as well as professionals, as we understand that sometimes, well.....the homeowners just want to try it themselves! 


So as time goes by and we become more and more involved in the green and sustainable industry, we have seen many different companies and individuals, with different building styles and different materials. As we have come to realise, the time of invention and discovery is over where our building material needs are concered. By this I mean, all that we need has already been invented and discovered and it is all in our past...we just need to look.

American Clay Plasters

 As awareness increases by homeowners, designers and architects alike to use healthier and more natural materials for our interior spaces, we decided to chat briefly about one of them: American Clay Natural Earth Plasters. 

A bit about Durisol Block...

All Durisol blocks are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that has only natural ingredients. ICF is composed of specially graded recycled waste wood (100% clean, natural softwood lumber). This wood is first chipped into wood fibre . It is then mineralized and bonded together with Portland cement. This Durisol material is then molded into the many shapes that comprise our full range of cement-bonded wood fiber reinforced ICF concrete forms.

Proud to say we just completed work on our 3rd Canadian National Historic Site!

We are so proud to have been asked to work on our 3rd Canadian National Historic Site, namely The Joseph Schneider Haus.

“You are only as good as your last job”

“You are only as good as your last job”.

This is the attitude that Arthur P. Butler takes when approaching his work. As a fellow tradesperson and Professional Member and Artisan of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (, Arthur brings a great deal of talent, enthusiasm and dedication to the Historical Painting trade.

A History of Settling for Drywall

I have often wondered what chain of events was set in place that shifted the North American building industry away from traditional plaster construction to that of drywall. After a frantic search of the Internet for answers, I have finally satisfied my curiosity.

Off the wall...

 Lath and Plaster has taken on a new purpose with the creation of Textile Designer Bev Hisey’s “Plaster & Lath” rug and runner collection ( The Toronto based designer was inspired by the look of her hidden lath and plaster walls during a recent renovation of her home. With such amazing texture and graphic interest these rugs aren’t for every design style but we love their industrial look and the fact that they pay homage to our traditional craft. 

Erase Your Heating Bill with Passive Design

Canadians know it all too well—another cold Canadian Winter accompanied by that ever-increasing heating bill. There is a solution if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life paying thousands and thousands of dollars in heating costs. Yes, it involves building a new home or retrofitting your existing home into a passive house employing the principles of passive design, however you could argue that in the long run you are saving enough on heating over a lifetime to break even.

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