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Yoga Studio - American Clay Application

The yoga studio project is moving along nicely, with the cafe/tea room wall area now 100% complete. The client wanted to give a warm welcoming feel to the space and decided on a skip trowel finish in tuscon gold with sprayed pigmentation to give a contrasting depth....The colours and finish the clients chose really do compliment the space and we look forward to sharing photos with you on project completion..

November 2009 | American Clay Porcelina Application

Latest project at Downsview park, Toronto. Working under the umbrella of Greening homes ltd, ‘ The Lime Plaster Company’ was asked to install 3 american clay porcelina walls to showcase on the project. This small write up gives a good sense of the purpose of the project, and also the scheduled tour times so you can go and have a look for yourself !. 

Lime Plastering | Vancouver | Cob House | October 2008

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