American Clay Plaster Application and consultation Services

As Certified American Clay Applicators & American Clay instructors, we provide services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario and Canada wide.

Our American Clay services cover the full range of American Clay’s earthen plasters, colours and finishes as well as a variety of application techniques. We also install drywall, see our drywall services page.This enables us to give you a quote if you need it, based on the whole installation from studs to American Clay finish. Whether you select a 2-coat Traditional American Clay application, Dos Manos System, Lime Putty, or Enjarre Commercial Application, our team has the largest and most extensive range of application experience and training with these Green and Sustainable plasters in Ontario to date.

With over 120,000 square feet of American Clay Plaster experience Canada-wide, 'The Lime Plaster Co.' can provide exactly what you are looking for from an environmentally friendly and unique wall finish. Our services are available in the Greater Toronto Area as well as in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.


On-site American Clay Plaster Consultation (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Consultation Phase 1 will include:

  • A detailed description of American Clay Plaster wall systems and their unique components, so you can understand and make an educated selection for your personal space.

  • An in-depth discussion & explanation of substrate requirements.

  • Colour sample sets provided to allow you to see the beauty of American Clay Plaster colour pigments in your personal space with your unique lighting. Custom colours and colour-matching are also available for a nominal fee to match a favourite paint colour and achieve a completely custom look for your project.

  • Discussion of preferred start dates and times for your project and measurements of desired areas/walls/rooms.

We understand that the reasons behind selecting an eco-friendly wall finish can go beyond that of an environmentally conscious and responsible decision. We have had clients in all over Canada who suffer from Chemical Sensitivities that can be aggravated by the number of toxins that exist in mainstream building materials. For those clients and any client for that matter, we can cater our services to provide a wall-system and installation that is 100% natural.

Consultation Phase 2 will include:

  • American Clay Plaster Custom sample boards (2' x 2') will be provided based on our discussions in Phase 1 which will show the unique colours and textural finish selected for each room.

  • A detailed cost estimate, time frame estimate and breakdown of the scope of work based on the measurements taken and details discussed in Phase 1.

  • Liaising with your General Contractor or Subcontractors with scheduling details, substrate preparation, and other important technical details so you don’t have to worry.

American clay Plaster Installation services

Installation phase 1:

Phase 1 involves the remediation of any minor issues that may exist with the substrate that is to receive American clay plaster system. (This includes any flakey paint, minor holes, peeling paper, etc.). After the substrate has been stabilized, it is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a weak solution of penetrating sealer where necessary. If the traditional system is to be used, a primer coat of American Clay Plaster sanded primer will be applied to all substrate area’s, receiveing the American clay plaster.

Installation phase 2:

Phase 2 involves the application of American Clay Plaster base coat material. Either American Clay Plaster Loma plaster or American clay plaster Enjarre. These can be finished in different ways depending on the desired finish.

Installation phase 3

Phase 3 involves the application of American Clay Plaster finish coat material. Either American clay Plaster Loma, Marittimo, Porcelina or Enjarre is applied and textured to your personal preference, providing a unique wall finish.

 Installation phase 4

Clean up and touch ups.

Post-Installation Services Include:

  • “Repair Batches” are prepared for each project to ensure that any future repairs are simple and precise with your exact colour and clay

  • A Post-Installation visit 6 months after your installation to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the application--specifically for clients with new construction as hairline cracks may surface during the settlement of your new home that may be fixed at this time. Wether you are located in the Greater Toronto Area or other part of Canada, our process and post warranty will apply.


Why Choose The Lime Plaster Co.?

  • You are choosing a professionally trained, certified & experienced team with over a decade’s knowledge of the N.American and European plaster business.

  • We offer current & extensive knowledge of new materials, up-to-date practices and on-going communication with American Clay's corporate offices.

  • We have the proven ability and experience to organize your large scale project and meet time-sensitive deadlines.

  • We offer unique set of American Clay Plaster services such as repair batches, custom sample boards, and post-installation visits.

  • We provide a standard one-year satisfaction guarantee on all American Clay Plaster application projects.

  • The Lime Plaster Co. are fully insured and WSIB Compliant as per Toronto and Ontario regulations.

How to get started? The process is simple.  Contact us via phone or e-mail to arrange a complimentary on-site consultation. With a real passion for natural plasters, we are true advocates of the American Clay Plaster product range and versatility. A natural, distinctive interior wall finish to enjoy for years to come.